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Fucshia Gold 5" Stick Bait. Not your normal color stick bait. This bait was meant to get attention.  A mix of very fine fuchsia and gold flake and crystal clear body make this bait shine.
Bling Okeechobee. This new stock bass bait is a play on the normal okeechobee colorway. It uses a dark green base color mixed with very fine green and blue flake that really sets this bait off.
Watermelon Remix 5" Stick bait.
Crawdaddy 5" stick bait
24 Karat 5" stick bait
Chameleon 5" Stick Bait
Glo Worm 5" Stick Bait
Lil Teal
Grren Pumpkin 5" Stick Bait
Bling Bling 5" Stick Bait
Super Hero Blue 5" Stick Bait
Emerald Aisle 5" Stick Bait
Watermelon Red 5" Stick Bait
June Bug 5" Stickbait
Kind Earthy 5" Stickbait
SoFlo Grape 5" Stick Bait.

Lucky 7 Baits Stick Bait.

$ 6.95
Pack of 7 and price includes shipping on these power handcrafted and family made 5" stick baits.