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In The Slot | drophook Saltwater Fishing Tourney

Sponsored by In The Slot Fishing & Reel Cartel

Starting 14th of June 2018

    1. First Place - Longest Redfish - First Place Prize is a $250 Gift Certificate for In The Slot Fishing Charters
    2. WILDCARD DRAW - WIN a Dry Fit Performance Tee by Reel Cartel with these other Saltwater Species that can be entered:
      1. Pompano
      2. Jack Family
      3. Snook
      4. Black Drum - In The Slot Fishing Buff will also be awarded for Biggest Black Drum 
      5. Speckle Trout (Gators should be released)
      6. Redfish that do not take 1st place


  1. Offshore/Inshore Tourney
  2. Must log catch into tournaments on drophook fishing app - download free here:
  3. Photo of catch has to include a CLEAR FORM OF MEASUREMENT
  4. Must use a drophook Catch Card - You can get one for only $2 here (please allow 4 days for shipping)
  5. Catch Card must display code: ITS (Use Whiteboard eraser or use a sharpie and remove with alcohol to re-use card)
  6. Wildcard Draw - Each Entry Counts towards the wildcard draw - the more catches = the more entries! Enter as many unique catches as you like.
  7. Tournament Ends Thursday the 28th of June at 6pm
  8. Follow the above rules for qualified entry

Tight Lines!

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