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drophook Bait Towel & Fish Measurer | Protect Fish Eyes While Measuring

We're excited to launch this new product we've been thinking about creating for awhile now. Being good stewards of the marine environment is important to us and this is one way we can help.

Fish eyes are very sensitive and holding them against your dry shirt or laying them on a rough surface to measure can be damaging to the longevity of catch and release species. Using a wet towel not only calms the fish so you can get that photo - but also protects it.

We used to use a wet beach towel before switching to these light microfiber cloths. The anti-microbial properties and perfect size of these towels paired with the ease of a carabiner clip for on-the-go measuring or cleaning make them one of our tackle box "must-haves".

Dampen the towel to protect delicate fish eyes & body while measuring. It also doubles for clean up after baiting or using your favorite attractant. Great for bank, boat, or offshore fishing.

Order today for free 2-Day shipping - arriving in time for Fathers Day if you order by June 14th 2018.

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