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5 Reasons Fishing Makes You a Healthier, Happier Person.

Grab Your Rod and Go: Fishing Is Fun, But It’s Good for You Too

Fishing is obviously a fun activity, and spending the weekend on the water is better than doing just about anything else. But few people realize that fishing is more than just recreation – it is actually a great way to support your health too. And while you probably already have plenty of reasons to go fishing, it never hurts to have a few more.

The following five health benefits are all things you can attain by spending a few hours (or more) fishing.

1. Fishing is a great way to spend time with friends and family.

Some people prefer to fish alone, and there is nothing wrong with that what-so-ever. However, most anglers find it more fun to fish with others; fishing is a great way to bond with those you hold dear. In fact, there are few things in life more meaningful than spending time with loved ones, so grab your spouse, kids, cousins or fishing buddies and head out to the water. Besides, you’ll need a witness to see you catch the fish of a lifetime.

2. Fishing helps reduce your blood pressure.

High blood pressure is a serious medical condition, which often requires a combination of medications and lifestyle changes to treat. You’ll need to talk to your doctor about the medications, but one of the best lifestyle changes you can make is to spend more time in the great outdoors. Doing so helps to lower your blood pressure immediately and for hours after returning from your fishing trip. Additionally, fishing is a great low-intensity exercise, which will also help reduce your blood pressure even further.

3. Fishing gives your lungs a break.

The air around most cities and urban areas is full of soot and other pollutants, which can take a toll on your lungs. In fact, the rates of respiratory illness have been climbing for some time thanks to rampant air pollution. But because most fishing takes place in wilderness areas or out at sea, you’ll enjoy one breath after another of clean, healthy air. This will give your lungs a chance to take a break and heal a little bit.

4. Fishing can help you heal faster.

Doctors and scientists have long known that views of the natural world help patients heal more quickly, but this phenomenon can also help anglers heal faster too. So, consider going fishing when you are trying to get over a lingering cold or rehabilitating a sprained ankle. Do so by heading out to a secluded wilderness area, and spend plenty of time taking in the beautiful natural scenery while you catch as many fish as you can.

5. Fishing helps elevate your mood.

The simple thought of fishing probably helps put a smile on your face, but you can also enjoy an improvement in your mood thanks to the sun exposure you’ll get while spending a day on the water. Exposure to natural, unfiltered sunlight causes your brain to release more serotonin – a chemical responsible for feelings of wellbeing. Just be sure to practice good sun safety, by wearing an appropriate sun screen when the sun’s rays are harsh.

By now, you should probably understand that fishing is a great way to help keep yourself happy and healthy for years to come. But the benefits discussed above only represent the tip of the iceberg – there are a number of other ways fishing helps support your health, read more from Outdoor Empire.



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